What does it take to land your dream job?

Searching for a job is rarely easy and there might be numerous challenges on the way. Despite this, job seeking, like any other skill, can be learned and you can develop to be a pro in it. So what does it take to land your dream job?

Back to basics – the cornerstones of a recruitment process

Even though basic application documents might sometimes feel a little old-fashioned, in the majority of recruitment processes you need to hack at least a CV and application letter. Nowadays, the role of LinkedIn is also relatively important, which makes having a profile (and keeping it updated) highly recommendable. Below, you’ll find a couple of blog posts to guide you with these basic elements of searching for a job.

How to make your CV even better?

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Improve your job search

In addition to the basic elements of job seeking, there are hundreds of tips, opinions and guidelines on how to succeed in a recruitment process. We gathered some of the most important ones here:

5 tips for landing your dream job

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