Videos as a part of a recruitment process – how to succeed in them!

Imagine the feeling that you have applied to your dream job and you get a message telling you that you have proceeded to the next round. Amazing, right? How would you feel if the next step would be a video interview round?

Making a good impression on a video is a little different than in a face-to-face interview where you can interact with the interviewer(s) in a more “natural” way. Succeeding in a video needs some additional preparations.

In our video workshop we tackled the subject of how to show our best qualities on a video. It was discovered that with small remarks you can show your best parts while performing on a video, and that way you can give the recruiter a deeper view of your skills and personality.

The most important lesson to remember is the 7-38-55 rule about non-verbal communication created by Albert Mehrabian: your physical appearance is 55 % of your communication, 38 % comes from your tone of voice and your words have only a 7 % influence. With these following tips you will guide the recruiter’s attention to the right areas, and are once again one step closer to your dream job!

Take notice to:

  • Filming location: lighting and background – a calm and well-lit room is the best without any additional background noises, direct sunshine or disturbing everyday things (such as laundry or dirty dishes) showing
  • Shooting angle: distance from the camera – your voice should be clear and loud enough and it’s important to try to find the best angle for you
  • Eye contact, posture and clothing: try to look straight into the camera (the viewer will see if your eyes start to wander), keep a good posture and dress accordingly with the company’s brand

Avoid these:

  • Extra movement: it is a lot disturbing if you play with your chair or wobble excessively on the video
  • Repeating manners: we all have some, and that is why it’s important to recognize your own and try to keep them under control so that they won’t steel the thunder from your words

All of these tips and pointers lead to one conclusion: your words and chosen content should be the leading star of your video – and you can do a lot to make that happen!

In other words, preparation is the key! If you don’t get it right with the first take, don’t get nervous or frustrated. Take a small break and try again 🙂

But remember: you are your own worst critique! The recruiter is not expecting a professional actor-level performance but a realistic glimpse of you. Take your time planning your answers and after that start filming!

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