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Open candidates

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Save time and money.

The possibility to get great results without having to go through the full search process.

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Know who’s on the move.

Let us know about your recruitment needs and we’ll keep you updated with the best candidates for your demand.

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Professional reinforcement.

We support you all the way from booking the interviews to expert advice regarding the candidates and market.

Temporary lease

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Flexibility in recruitment.

A quick and effective solution if the need for recruitment is greater than expected, the duration of the employment is indefinite or if there are many risk factors.

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Risk minimization.

Before starting a long-term employment you can make sure that both parties are committed.

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Find talent for temporary needs.

The best solution for summer or project work, replacements and for seasonal needs.

Outplacement service is a good way to show that your company values the continued development of its people, even when your paths diverge.

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Current labor market situation.

The employee will have a better understanding of the current situation and the new possible challenges. In addition, they receive professional advice on application documents and possible channels for job search.

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Identifying employee interests and strengths.

Together we will find the best possible solutions for your employee's next challenge.

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Ensuring confidence.

Motivating the company's employees and giving them a sense of security to show that the employer takes care of them even in difficult times.

Recruitment service

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Understand your needs and target group.

We will find out your company's actual needs and the corresponding profiles with. In-addition we will design suitable sales arguments for your company.

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Save time and resources.

Our skilled recruiters help you out with the most time-consuming and often nerve-wracking recruitment activities.

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Excellent application experience.

Candidate satisfaction is a key to our business and we offer personalized feedback to each candidate. We treat the information received from both the client and the candidates with the utmost care.

The recruitment that seemed almost impossible at first, was managed very successfully. We'll definitely cooperate again in the future.

Employer branding.

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Position yourself better in the job market.

Reach both active and passive job seekers and choose from a larger talent pool.

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Make recruiting faster and easier.

No need to pitch your company to job seekers – they will come to you.

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Find more committed employees.

A strong brand and shared values make more committed employees.

Albeit the time was limited and the project conditions were unsteady, the cooperation was smooth and all challenges were handled with ease.