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Recruitment service

With our recruitment service, we use public and targeted search to find you the brightest and most motivated talents with an excellent organizational fit.

Why use our recruitment service?

With our help, you will effectively reach both passive and active candidates in the job market. Being able to reach passive candidates is critical for any business because it gives you an advantage to be more successful in recruiting than your competitors.

The recruitment that seemed almost impossible at first, was managed very successfully. We'll definitely cooperate again in the future.

Toomas Mägi

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Key benefits

When you have a need for new employees, but limited possibilities to carry out the recruitments yourself, outsourcing a recruitment service might be the ideal solution for you

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Understand your needs and target group.

We will find out your company's actual needs and the corresponding profiles with. In-addition we will design suitable sales arguments for your company.

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Save time and resources.

Our skilled recruiters help you out with the most time-consuming and often nerve-wracking recruitment activities.

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Excellent application experience.

Candidate satisfaction is a key to our business and we offer personalized feedback to each candidate. We treat the information received from both the client and the candidates with the utmost care.

How it works

We take care of all tasks that require the most effort so you can enjoy the results!
Open search is an easy and effective way for you to find the right talent for the right positions.
Headhunt is a great means for finding passive candidates for jobs with complex profiles.

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Creating a job profile.

We will define the right target audience for your recruitment needs, identify the profile you are looking for and set a specific schedule for the search.

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Recruitment process.

The recruitment service covers everything from designing the job-ad and marketing to interviewing and giving detailed feedback regarding and to the candidates.

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Consultation and decision support.

Our team is there to support you at every moment, from presenting the best candidates and planning job interviews to final decisions and salary negotiations.

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Project manager, marketing manager, team leader, digital marketer, analyst, software developer, tester, UX / UI designer, technical consultant, civil engineer, sales consultant, customer support specialist, consultant, accountant, payroll, assistant ...

Learn to be a top applicant

Everyone knows that IT job market is hot at the moment and that there is a good choice of jobs for the young IT talents....

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We have all heard the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression...

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