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If your company is facing a situation where the employment relationship with any number of employees must be terminated but you wish to end the relations on good terms, contributing to finding your employees new challenges in a complex labour market, then we can lend a helping hand. During outplacement service, we advise the outgoing employee and together we come up with the best solutions for their future.

Why outplacement?

Recruiting, retaining and sending employees to new challenges is undoubtedly a big challenge for any company. In order to support them even at the end of their employment, it is good to provide their employees with professional advice from experts in their field.


Clients using this service

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Key benefits

Outplacement is a good way to show that your company values the continued development of its people, even when your paths diverge.

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Current labor market situation.

The employee will have a better understanding of the current situation and the new possible challenges.

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Identifying employee interests and strengths.

Together we will find the best possible solutions for your employee's next challenge.

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Ensuring confidence.

Motivating the company's employees and giving them a sense of security to show that the employer takes care of them even in difficult times.

Content of the Service.

Outplacement is a good way to show an employee that his or her continued well-being is important. Always.

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Initial counseling.

During the first meeting, we will discuss the employee's current situation and together we will set goals and further activities.

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1on1 conversation with the employee.

During the interview, the employee's strengths and interests are identified and future plans are mapped.

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Development of a personal action plan.

Advising the employee and directing them to new challenges

How does this sound?

If you want to hear more about Outplacement service and how it works, then contact us and let's discuss new opportunities for your company's employees together!

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