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We have a constantly renewing pool of open candidates who are actively looking for new challenges. Let us know about your recruitment needs and we’ll do our best to match your open position with a great fit right away.

Why use Open Candidates service?

Whether you have a constant need for specific talents or an exceptionally urgent recruitment need, our pool of open candidates could be the fastest option out there to solve your challenge.

Clients using this service

Contact us.

We will gladly answer questions you might have about our services.

Key benefits

Possibility of finding a superb candidate without going through the search process, saving you precious resources to use for something more beneficial.

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Save time and money.

The possibility to get great results without having to go through the full search process.

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Know who’s on the move

Let us know about your recruitment needs and we’ll keep you updated with the best candidates for your demand.

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Professional reinforcement.

We support you all the way from booking the interviews to expert advice regarding the candidates and market.

How it works?

Let us know about your challenge and we’ll do our best to connect you with a great match from our pool of active candidates.

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Define the need.

Our specialists will help you define the exact profile and scan our pool of candidates accordingly.

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Meet the candidate.

In case a suitable candidate is found and mutual interest is verified we will bring you together and you can continue with your accustomed recruitment process.

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Enjoy the result!

It only takes a bit of luck to find the perfect match this way and have an extremely smooth recruitment experience.

Are you looking for someone like this?

Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer, Marketing Manager, Software Developer, QA, Technical Consultant, Analyst, Business Development Manager, Team Lead, Account Manager, Accountant, UX/UI Designer, Automation Engineer, Construction Engineer, Consultant, Customer Support Specialist, Assistant etc...

Learn to be a top applicant

Everyone knows that IT job market is hot at the moment and that there is a good choice of jobs for the young IT talents....

A picture tells a thousand words
We have all heard the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression...

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